Custom Web Solutions

CO4 Computing has a reputation of developing high-quality web applications in a short period of time. We can help you increase your revenue by showing off your products and services in ways that nobody else has tried. The resulting web site will be clean, professional, and meet your requirements. Take a look at our portfolio

Rapid and Low-Cost Web Development

In order to save you money, CO4 Computing can, in many cases, customize existing web applications to suit your needs. Content management systems, various product show-cases and ecommerce solutions are sometimes freely and publically available to customize in a matter of only a few hours of work.

Online Reputation Management

Most respectful and reputable companies have had an unhappy customer at some point in time. Unforutnately, with all the good things the internet has brought, one unhappy customer can destroy the reputation of an honest, well-meaning business. CO4 Computing is one of the few companies out there that has experience with protecting and reclaiming a positive online reputation. If your company has been a victim of negative reviews on the search engines, we can help!

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants their web site to show up #1 in the google search results when somebody searches their product, we can help you achieve that. CO4 Computing is unique as it has experience researching various SEO techniques and has worked on projects promoting and monitoring hundreds (and possibly thousands) of search results simultaneously. While other SEO companies claim to guarantee you a spot, they're not being fully honest with you, as they either guarantee you a spot for keywords that aren't so helpful, or they sell you Google Adwords, claiming it places you on the first page. We, on the otherhand, are straightforward in telling you that you are competing with other people who also want to be #1; our experience can assist in achieving your goals.

Business and Home IT Services


Is your business looking to make greater use of technology to help productivity? Save you time and money? CO4 Computing has experienced IT consultants that can help you grow your business with the latest in computer, networking and storage systems. If you already have a system and are looking either to maintain or upgrade, we are more than happy to help.


Chances are, your computer running is slower than when you first purchased it. Rather than throwing out a machine you just purchased even 3,4 or 5 years ago, CO4 Computing can help you get it running in its original state. We can assist with virus/spyware/adware removal, clean-up of your programs being loaded in memory, and do other things to speed things up to how they used to be. In some cases, your computer may even run faster than when first purchased.

If you recently purchased a second computer, or a notebook and would like to have them both printing to one printer, or sharing the internet, there's no need to unplug wires each time, CO4 Computing can help!

Software Development

CO4 Computing can help your business operate more efficiently with custom software development. Have you ever wanted a more efficient way to keep track of your operations? CO4 Computing offers a team of experienced software developers, and is operated by President, Jacob (Jack) Gryn who has a Masters degree in Computer Science specializing in Computer Vision.

Computer Sales

Although CO4 does not specialize in this department, CO4 can provide your home or business with computing equipment at discounted prices.